The aim of STSbet is to provide the world's safest and most innovative game platform for adults. The clear and safe product offerings allow each user to play within their financial possibilities and receive the highest quality services. Reliability, fairness and reliability are the main principles of STSbet. Therefore, STSbet is clearly obliged to avoid and limit the problems that may arise from participation in gambling, especially in case of immoderate participation in games. It is also important to respect the rights of persons who participate in moderate gambling for entertainment purposes.

Responsible gambling on STSbet is based on three basic principles: Player safety, Game safety and Protection against gambling addiction. We cooperate with scientific research institutes, associations and medical facilities in order to create fair, safe and reliable rules for online gambling.

The owner of the STSbet says that his main target is Poles living abroad, but let's not hide the fact that the bookmaker's market in such a UK is definitely bigger than ours, and even a 1% loss of it all can provide similar income to that which a bookmaker obtains in Poland, being a leading company on the market. And this is only one country, while the STSbet offer is addressed to all European countries.

Star-Typ Sport (STS) - is a commercial company based in Katowice conducting bookmaking activity in Poland. It was established in 1997. At present it employs over 1500 people working in about 444 betting points. STS is the largest bookmaking company in Poland. Currently its market share is estimated roughly at 47 percent. Every year the STS online accepts several dozen million bets and the number of its regular clients is estimated at over 200 thousand people. In 2013-2017, the strategic sponsor of Lech Poznan FC. Since 2017, the main sponsor FC Jagiellonia Białystok, and since 2018, the Official Sponsor of the Polish National Football Team.

After the national competition has been distanced, the next milestone of the company is its expansion outside Poland. Since February 2019, STS has been operating on European markets, services are available in the UK, Germany, Norway, Iceland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Andorra, San Marino and Gibraltar, Malta and Latvia. Therefore it created a twin company named STS Bet.

STSbet offer 

The STSbet offer is available:

  • bookmaker's bets
  • live bets
  • virtual sports
  • casino
  • betgames

STSbet - bonus code

STSbet for UK players offers sports betting and casino bonuses. In the first section you can get a 50% bonus on your first bet up to £40. In the casino, however, the offer consists of 500 spins, which gives a sum of £50. To receive bonuses at STSbet, you first need to register an account on this bookmaker's website. Interestingly, there is no bonus code in STSbet, because you just need to go to the registration from our promotional link, and this will allow you to receive a better welcome bonus.

Registration at STSbet is a classic form where you need to provide: e-mail, currency, password, first name, surname, alias, gender, date of birth, country of residence, city, address and phone number. After completing the registration the bonuses are ready to be collected.

STSBet betting offer

In case of STSBet offers, it is not worse than the rest of bookmakers on the market. You can bet on football, tennis, basketball and even handball. Naturally, this is not all you can bet with STSBet, but you can see the full offer at

Naturally, a very interesting offer from STSBet is offering bets on e-sports. The latest offer offered by this bookmaker is best on Valorant, which is practically last year's production multiplayer online game. Some bookmakers do not even have the most basic titles yet, such as League of Legends or Starcraft. That is why the STSBet offer is really good for such a young bookmaker on the European market.

Bonus for new players

If you want to register your account on STSBet, you can take advantage of a starter bonus (code: "uksport40"), which guarantees you up to £40 for your first game on However, please note that this bonus is available to UK residents and you will need to make a deposit of £10 to receive it. If you play at the STSBet casino, you can receive up to 500 free spins, which are up to £50. To receive this bonus you must of course register on the bookmaker's website and confirm your personal details.

STSBet bonus - How does it work?

We'll show you this with an example - let's say you're betting for £10 - then STSBet will add £5 to your bet as a bonus - so you will probably realise that you will receive a 50% bonus on every coupon included in the promotion as long as the amount does not exceed £80, of course.

The majority of users taking part in sports betting, gambling and other offered games participate in moderation, for entertainment purposes. Certain habits and patterns of behaviour (e.g. shopping, playing sports, eating or drinking) which are considered normal and innocent can turn into addictions and cause problems for some people. In the same way, sports betting and gambling can lead to problems for a small group of customers. Customers who are addicted to gambling are banned from continuing to participate in the games offered. These customers then receive contact details of organisations where they can receive expert advice and support. Personal responsibility is the most durable form of prevention.

The basic principle promoted by STSbet is that it is the customer who should make the final decision and be responsible for the participation in the game, as well as for the amount of money allocated for this purpose. Therefore, personal responsibility of the customer is the most effective form of protection against addiction. The STSbet service is obliged to help customers by providing a clear offer of products and full information and transparent rules of conduct.

STSBet positive feedback from players

Of course, the STSBet's opinion is not at all supported by falsehood, because we can quote a few opinions of satisfied STSBet customers.

,,With the help of the STSBet, I can place bets even when I am in the UK. This is a very convenient option, as it is not possible to return to the country due to coronavirus and other bookmakers do not have an offer suitable for Poles. For this reason I am also happy that the STSBet exists and I can place my bets with it!” - Peter

,,This bookmaking company favours Poles abroad. I have been living in the UK for 7 years, but I still like betting in Polish, so STSBet is a very convenient option, especially when I want to relax. I recommend the STSBet to every Pole who lives in the UK!” - Stefan

,,London has always been my home, but the STSBet offer is a bit better than other bookmakers in my country, so I like betting on this bookmaker. I recommend it to everyone!" - John

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